About investment in Penang Property


Penang ‘s Property will only increase in price, not decrease in price, especially on Penang Island. Ten years ago, the property in Penang Island was purchased. Now the price of the property has more than doubled. The property purchased at RM300,000 on Penang Island in the past, today It is already worth RM1,000,000, which has more than tripled. Those who would invest in that year made a lot of money. If the money was deposited in the bank ten years ago, the interest was only about 3%, and now the interest is only about RM100,000. , The interest and the principal are only RM400,000, which is a huge difference in comparison.
Penang’s property generally only increase prices, not reduce prices, unless they encounter unexpected factors such as the 1997 Asian financial crisis and other unexpected factors.

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